Automated guided vehicles for the warehouse industry

When working in the logistics industry, you might have noticed the payment of warehouse workers increases every year. Perhaps you even experienced having trouble filling your ranks with competent personnel. We understand that being short-handed on staff can leave you struggling to meet quotas or perform correct compliance checks on transported goods. The increasing tightening of regulations on working conditions and supply chain trends and the increase of labor costs might cause a lot of difficulties on many levels within and outside your business. For you to decrease such unnecessary costs and optimize process controls, your logistics process requires automation, as AGVs are growing to be more reliable and less expensive.

Our AGVs serve a variety of purposes within the warehouse industry. Our AGV solutions are highly suitable for:

  • Pallet handling between racking and expedition zones
  • Pallet handling within the storage area: common pallet racking, drive-in racking, and block-stacking
  • Waste container handling

The abovementioned examples are just a few of a multitude of possibilities. We are aware that there are many unique logistic circumstances. At AGVR, we, therefore, offer the possibility to fully customize any AGV and its functions to your particular wishes.

The right automated guided vehicle for your supply chain
First, it is important to consider which processes are reasonable to automate with an AGV. From there, we can start building the optimal implementation plan to bring suitable AGVs into your warehouse. Did you know that we also offer great solutions for automating logistics outside and between buildings? Our self-propelled tugger tractors can tow and brake up to 60 tons of gross train weight. With the hybrid control and the remaining driver’s cabin, it is always possible to switch between manual and automatic driving.

Connecting your existing software to the AGV
Did you know that we offer great software solutions to connect your existing software, such as MES or ERP systems, to our Fleet Manager and Warehouse Manager software? This enables seamless integration of your existing production and logistics automation, like visualization, track & trace, batch number and production dates, outbound planning, et cetera.

Automated guided vehicles for the warehouse industry
Are you interested in discussing the possibilities for an AGV in the warehouse industry? Get in touch with our specialists and let’s talk about your wishes during a consultation with us!

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