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Want to reduce your costs of internal transport? Then rent our Automated Guided Vehicles. If you are running multiple shifts you will save money right from the start.

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Our Products

You may rent our standard AGVs.



Fork configurations : single
Load weight maximum : 1250 Kg
Lifting height (Top Of Forks) : 1, 2, 4 or 8 m

Forklift counter balance
Fork configurations : single, single/double, side shift
Load weight maximum : 1250 Kg or 2500 Kg
Lifting height (Top Of Forks) : 1, 2, 4 or 8 m


Crawl Under

Load weight maximum : 700 Kg
Height minimum : 0.3 m
Lift stroke : 0.1 m

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Hybrid AGV Train

Pulling weight up to 50 Tons
Automatic - and manual driving
Outdoor - and indoor use

Our Services

We keep the AGVs moving and your production running

24/7 Support & Service

You can call our hotline 24 x 7. An experienced software engineer will answer your call and start solving your problem within 1 hour max. Most calls are operator/software related and can be solved remotely. In case of a mechanical or electrical issue, the hotline will dispatch a service engineer.

Training of your operators

Your operators will be trained before they operate the AGVs. The training will be largely on a simulator featuring virtual AGVs in a virtual version of your site. Thus, your operators will be well prepared before they start using the AGVs and can try-out new operating strategies without disturbing the actual production process.

On-Site Installation

The AGVs will be configured to navigate and operate in your plant. Interfaces connect the AGVs to your host system and to equipment like production machines, conveyors, elevators, fire alarm, etc.
We take care of it all. We have been doing so since 1987.

What is important

When supplying AGVs, important are:


Quality is the single most important property. Poor quality would affect the productivity, last the entire lifetime and consequentially cost a lot of money. Critical part in automated systems like AGVs is the software. Unlike the tangible mechanic, electric, etc. parts, software is hard to improve if it does not function well. To tackle this challenge, all source code is ours so we can improve the software. Any software change is tested thoroughly in a virtual AGV system before it is released for 24 x7 service.

Delivery time

A short delivery time means that you start saving money shortly after ordering. Looking at your potential savings the gain of a short delivery time is high and time spent postponing your decision is money wasted.


The Total Costs are less affected by the rent than by high quality and short delivery time. Unfortunately, you probably still will request a low price. Standard AGVs is our solution to achieve a fair price without sacrificing the quality.

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