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Save up to 60% on logistic costs, with our Automated Guided Vehicles

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Customizing AGVs to your situation

Our AGVs are configured to fully navigate and operate in your factory. To do so, interfaces are used to connect the AGVs to your host system and equipment, such as production machines, conveyors, elevators, fire alarms et cetera. We have been experts in optimizing our services since 1987 and are therefore more than ready to take on your challenge.

Simulated training programs

Digital training for your operators

Investing in your staff is essential. We train your team thoroughly before they start operating the AGVs. To be able to do this most efficiently, we will recreate a virtual version of your company’s site in which your operators will complete our training program. They can try out new operating strategies within the site simulation, without disrupting the actual production process. This optimizes the preparation process to be able to operate the AGVs in real-time.

Offering excellent service since 1987

24/7 Customer service & maintenance

We know problems can arise at any time. Therefore, our trained support team is available for you 24/7. From experience, we have learned that the majority of incoming calls are software- or operation-related. Our professional software engineers are more than happy to help solve your problem within an hour. When our support team determines an electrical or mechanical problem, a service engineer is sent to you right away.

Working For the best

We are proud of our partners. We find beauty in the interaction we have with them—our achieved successes automatically contribute to their success, and vice versa. Through their trust in the process, we are able to continuously innovate and improve our services. We are thankful for every member in our AGVR community, as they are key for our inspiration to revolutionize AGV technology and pursue perfection.

Working with the best

We would not be able to strive for the optimalization of our services if it weren’t for our suppliers and service providers. All partners of AGVR have the same vision, in which quality is key and standing still is not an option! Therefore, we always strive for long-term relationships in order to learn and grow together.

What we stand for

Excellent Quality

Software is the most critical part of automated systems, such as AGVs. It is a big challenge to improve existing software when it’s not working properly. We took on this challenge by making all source codes ours. Before our AGVs are ready for use, every software change is tested in our simulation beforehand. When it meets our standards, the AGV system is activated and available for 24/7 service.

Quick Delivery Time

Cost efficiency is the main reason AGVs are implemented in logistic processes. Looking at additional potential savings, short delivery time is key. Short delivery time means that you will start saving money as soon as possible after ordering your AGV solution. This approach has taught us that the decision-making period of the client vastly influences cost efficiency too—the quicker, the better. Additionally, we ensure to offer you the most realistically short delivery time as we possibly can. When both parties adhere to these factors, the investment in an AGV can be earned back within 1,5 years after purchase.


We understand that purchasing a fit-to-your-process AGV-system is a serious investment. We, therefore, offer the possibility to acquire one of our standardized AGV models. This offers your company the best solution to achieve great value for money, without us having to compromise on quality. There is of course also the possibility to customize your AGVs precisely to your specific situation and wishes. 

Save up to 60% on logistic costs!

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