Your job as Software Engineer

As a software engineer you will find yourself amidst colleague software engineers. They form project teams supervised by an experienced software engineer. You will work within such project teams.

You will take part in developing software for our vehicles and for our projects. Most software is developed in C# or C++.

Supplying an AGV system requires careful project management and a skilled project team, in which you will participate. A project typically takes one year. In the beginning most activity will be in the office, with short visits to the client and to subcontractors. In the last month, when the system is put into operation, most activity is at the client’s site.

From the moment an AGV system has gone into production, our 24/7 hotline team warrants a high availability of the AGV system. Once you are familiar with our installed base you may be invited to join the hotline team. In 6 week turns every hotline engineer is stand-by for remote support outside normal working hours. This 24/7 watch is limited to 8 working hours/day and is paid separately.

Project management
In due time you may be invited to be a project manager yourself, depending of your experience, skills and your own preferences.

What we expect

We expect from you a BSc, MSc or PhD grade in a fitting discipline like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, IT or physics.

Languages and traveling abroad
Since we operate internationally you must speak English well, and you are prepared to travel abroad.
Speaking Dutch or German is preferred for communicating in the offices.

You understand how important our clients are and will always serve them well.
You can work rather independently in a team and have no 9 to 5 mentality, those people who go home and leave the work for their colleagues, do not fit in our company.

You have a valid driving license. We will require from you an official proof of good conduct, stating that you do not have a criminal record.

What we offer

The job offers a day-to-day variation as it takes you to large international industries and logistic companies. They do very much appreciate the skills of our engineers.
You will be working in a high tech company with a down-to-earth mentality which is staffed mainly by technicians and some secretaries.

On Fridays you are invited to join the communal lunch together with your colleagues.

Apply now

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